reasons to switch to LED

lighting audit process low hanging fruit

Lighting Audit Process Low Hanging Fruit

Main advantages of LEDs lie in its ability to deliver reliable low energy consumption over a  consistant 50,000 hrs plus period, without need to  change a light bulb or ballast  with an added benefits of no maintenance, no flicker, starts instantly, no waiting to warm up, no ultra voilet, its lighting for the 21st century

We look at things  differently

Not all lighting audits or  surveys are the same. At LED LuxLighting we look at things  differently.We do not recommend like for like  or rely on  existing number of  old lighting  fittings  but  carry out our own Dialux lighting  desgin provding  you with  the correct  number of    and  spacing of  lights fittings that are  required  to provide sufficent Light output in your  business. There are  no  additional light fittings provided that  may have been the coase with  conventional lighting, That’s a thing of the past  It means you get  sufficient  light  output, reduces your  day to day electricity consumption and   the electricity bills come down too.Now that’s a win win.

Maintenance costs can be calculated based either on your own records or on an estimated  lamp purchases for each accounting year.

You will hear anecdotal evidence that lighting costs are generallly smaller than you think, maybe its  been  put out there by  utility companies. But your electricity billls   should be monitored  more  closely, much like  any invoice that  comes across your table, look at the  find  details and check what  they mean, rather than  letting electricity bills be  just another bill that is paid by direct debit and it  seems no one  knows or cares what the  elecricity bill costs every month its simple another bills that must be paid.

But I hear you say   “how do I  monitor my electricity consumption I have no way of doing this” Read more..  LED LUX Lighting blog titled “Monitoring Electricity” will review how monitoring electricity consumption  on a  fifteen minute  cycle for each 24 hour period  providing benefit of reducing  impact of over usage of electricity consumption- its a great tool  where your business is in manufacturing or engineering or where you simple need to  measure your electricity bills and manage  outcomes more closely

Holistic Approach

For many it makes sense to buy new fittings. For others a more holistic approach is required, one which looks at everything relating to existing from aesthetic, upgradability, infrastructural needs, appropriate light performance, installation demands to how new lighting can improve performance of your business. LED LUX Lighting Audit takes the holistic approach and delivers clear practical information to help you make an informed decision

LEDLux Lighting  are here to  help  start  saving you  money on your electricity bills every month.Do you check where electricity savings could be made by monitoring or maybe  you simple don’t have  time in your  busy schedule.

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With  no obligation site  (FOC)  audit  and  with a little of your time  led lux lighting  will show  you how to dramatically reduce  electricity consumption.


Energy Efficient Business

are businesses paying more for energy than it should?

Does your business pay more for energy than it should?

From a recent survey carried out by the Daily Telegraph, out of 760 senior managers surveyed two-thirds were in the dark about how their business bought energy: almost 46% had no ideal about their company’s energy costs and 54% had no idea who was responsible for energy costs

Yet energy usage is a large part of any companies budget the research also found that, of the senior managers who know what their costs were, a fifth admitted to spending more than £250,00 a year, while a quarter spend more than £100,000

Source: Daily Telegraph research

Energy Management is a High Priority in reducing costs

So, the questions that one can ask how much money could be saved by monitoring and measuring . LEDLUX Lighting conduct energy wastage assessment, and its findings will show   the  impact on how wasted energy is having  on  company cash flow

It’s obvious energy management is a high priority  in reducing costs,especially since this is an area of business where significant cost savings can be made without affecting cash flow resources.

Is your company charged with an energy decision maker(EDM) /responsible for maintaining  an energy plan within your business reducing daily costs? or has  energy cost  savings being  discussed at any recent  meeting attended  in the past  month.

Working-out where money is being wasted

Conduct an Energy Audit

Lighting Audit Assessment

Working out where money is being wasted on energy consumption may be less obvious

Partnering with LEDLUX Lighting  will help identify areas where energy savings can be made  and it might  come as a  surprise that   simply switching off corridors lighting/ staff facilities and  when no one is around  could  be the  difference of  hundreds of  Euro spent unnecessary.

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy waste – stop paying money for electricity that is  not needed every kilowatt saved goes straight to your bottom line and stays there moth on  month, year on year, increases your Capex via energy savings month on month.

It’s worth considering how many extra sales/ fees you’d need, to make the same amount of profit. And it doesn’t stop there – energy saving comes with other benefits such as

  • A more comfortable working environment
  • Reduced energy bills can be used to fund new jobs
  • Reducing your exposure to future energy price rises
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Improve your SMEs green credentials
  • Wider benefits to society: Reduced carbon emission footprint

With electricity prices predicted to rise by over 25% in the next five (5) years, many businesses are looking to manage future risk by investing in energy efficiency.

Reducing energy costs can be achieved through medium cost measures such as upgrading conventional to LED lighting which does not have a direct impact on your bottom line because of the energy savings made month by month, unlike any other energy efficiency upgrade, lighting upgrade puts money back in your account every month so in effect its pays for its self

ROI can range from 9 months to 3 years depending on hours of operation in addition Energy Credits allowance are available reducing ROI period

So, if you wish to find out more about how to reduce your energy bills, and reduce future energy prices contact LEDLUX LIGHTING

Do you know

A company with a 5% profit margin over 3 years, a €500 a year saving from LED energy efficiency makes the same profit as €30,000 of additional sales

Light up the Darkness with efficient LED Lighting

  • Up to 80% of traditional installation are out of date and inability to meet current design and emergency lighting requirements.
  • fluorescent  T5 tube last approx. 12,000 – 18 (approx. 4 years)
  • LED life duration  40,000 – 60,000 hrs.  or at 12 hours per day/ 7 have average life of 14 years or   five times longer with no bulbs replacement or maintenance during LEDs life time.
  • LED lights consumes 90% less electricity than fluorescent, halogens and metal halide. Local dimming, corridor functions can be added without due concern or disturbance
  • Gathering data on lighting costs is relatively straightforward. If you know the power (watts) of the bulbs or fittings used, you can work out energy consumption in kWh

So, if you wish to find out more about how to reduce your energy bills.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Lighting Audit Assessment

Contact LED LUX Lighting and receive  FREE lighting assessment consultation  of your business and amount of Energy Credit Allowance

Forecourt Canopy Lighting

smart lighting scheme smes

Smart Lighting Scheme SMEs

Time  is running out for  applying to   SEAI 40% Funding for switching to energy efficient LED Lighting that  will have a  dramatic impact on your  utility bills.

As the   LED Lighting   installation Project Dead line of 13th October 2016  draws nearer and nearer, dont get  left out  in the  cold this  Winter with  higher than  usual electricity bills  Apply  Now for SEAI 40% Funding and 20% energy credit allowance today with LED LUX LIGHTING  and  have a  better Christmas than  all the  others in  2017/2018

The Smart Lighting Scheme by SEAI  is  now available to  help SMEs -with less than  250 employees, switch over  to energy-efficient LED lighting  making your business more  competitive  and  SEAI now cover  up to 40% of the costs , saving  you  up to 90% on your electricity lighting  bills every month. Remember lighting bills after  you upgrade to LED lighting will dramatically reduce by up to 90% especially where  lighting  controls have been  fitted.But even without  lighting  controls you can be assured   lighting electricity bills  will reduce by 50%  per year.

  • Switching to LED will  lower your electricity bill by over half  on every  utility bill received.Are you paying.

    Bowl of Fruit

    bowl of fruit under different Lighting Quality

  • Are  you  paying  over the odds for  lighting  bills ? if yes let  us know and we will be  delighted to  help reduce bills to  more comfortable level.
  • every month  by as  much as 90%  so it’s certainly time to stop paying
  • Upgrading to LED lighting has a dramatic affect on your electricity lighting  bills, so grasp the  additional monies  left  in your  account and  put it to  work taking  back control from you  energy provider
  • The move to LED lighting will save your  business up to 90% in annual lighting  costs and SEAI will cover  forty percent (40%) of the  capital costs. Contact us today to learn  more about how to apply  and  gain insight into other LED lighting grants now available to your  business making your business more profitable.
  • Every Euro saved goes straight to your  bottom line and stays there year  on  year.
  • Contact us Today on 087 684 0253 or  to arrange your FOC lighting audit forming  part of SEAI  requirements in support of  Smart Lighting Scheme

Small Medium enterprises (SMEs)

The  Smart  lighting Scheme is  now  open to SMEs,  existing customers and the following sectors are welcome to  contact us on for  more information and how to  secure your Smart Lighting Scheme  40% Funding from SEAI for your LED lighting  upgrade :

  • FItness Centres
  • Retailers- General and Food Retailers
  • Small Hotel/Large B&B

    Kildare Village LED Lighting

    Efficient Lighting increases Profit Margin

  • Pharmacies
  • Nursing Homes
  • Carehomes
  • Jewellers

Our products are SEAI Triple E and eligible for Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)

The Smart Lighting Scheme is available  for upgrading   all  of your  existing fluorescents, metal halide, SON,  halogens bulbs light  fittings both  front and back of  house including  outdoor flood  lighting.

We  help   cut your  business’s energy consumption and related  costs  contact the   our team today on  087 684 0253 or click here 

Question asked about  Smart Lighting Scheme:

I have more than one facility, can I apply for all of them?
We group applications  under the SEAI  Aggregators’   and we are in a  better position to apply and deliver for a number of SMEs in the target sectors

What elements of my project are supported? Below is a list of technologies and services SEAI will fund within this scheme:

  •  New efficient lighting  triple-e and eligible for ACA
  • Lighting controls which include:  PIR (Passive Infra-Red sensors (for heat detection)) or Microwave sensors (movement detection)
  • Daylighting sensing (brightness detection)  Automatic dimming and trimming controls
  •  Smart meter (if applicable)
  •  Project Management Costs
  •  Equipment hire to assist with installation (if applicable)

Can I only upgrade part of my building?

No, you must have a whole building or facility solution, which would see lighting upgrades undertaken in all service areas within your building or facility.

LEDs dramatically reduce your  lighting energy bills today  by  upgrading to energy-efficient LED lights.

What do I need to have to apply?

1. Contact LEDLux Lighting  your  professional Lighting Provider and we  will outline the  necessary requirements

2. You need to complete the application form:

 Contact LEDLux Lighting  your  professional Lighting Provider

Making energy pay

Upgrading to LED Lighting Take  Gave Away Cash Funding.

3. In addition, a lighting Audit by LEDLuxLighting needs to be completed. This indicates the existing (pre upgrade) lighting and proposed new lighting with lighting levels and savings.

  •  If you are just replacing like for like, more efficient lamps (bulbs) then you can
  • Contact LEDLUX  lighting specialist /professional    and we provide  energy-efficient   cost-effective solution  meeting  your exact lighting  requirements.
  • If you are thinking about a complete design, then  LED LUX Lighting research lighting specialists/professionals  can help you with a total redesign.

4. You need to include a schedule of fittings with the Triple E product registration number for replacement fittings/lamps  LEDLUX Lighting  can help

5. Include your Tax Reference Number (TRN) and Tax Clearance Reference (TCR)

6. If not registered for VAT, then a letter from the local revenue office confirming you are not registered,  will allow  a VAT  claim  under the VAT terms to be  made on  the  installation vat payment.

Contact LED LUX LIGHTING   today on  087 684 0253 or click here  for  more about the  40% Smart Lighting Scheme and start reducing your  energy consumption and  dramatically paying  less on each utility bill now and into the future.

forecourt canopy lighting

Forecourt  Canopy Lighting

Using LED fourcourt  lighting  is certainly a sensinable thing to  do in these days  where we are  crawing  out  of asterity.

With little  money around its  better to reduce running  costs than losing out to competitive  and energy efficient  lighting will  get the  bills down  by  over half  every month.

The Flush Canopy LED fitting is now the one to be seen under with its clean crisp white light giving your tired metal halide a complete change and put’s more money back in your till  increasing your bottom line

LED LUX Lighting can  now offer its  client    two ways to dramatically reduce  electrricity  bills :

  • Switch to LED Lighting  and dramatically reduce  electricity bills  by pver half
  • LED LUXLighting in partnership will  manage and reduce electricity unit  kWh costs  by 15% to 22%

Take a few moment’s and think ….   having sufficient lighting is important in your business, with a few small changes significant costs reductions can be achieved that will save your business money encourage more customers to stop and fill up, take a break/ rest and pick up that bar of chocolate or choose to shop for groceries.

Canopy LED Lighting

rget your flood lights also can be very expensive to run and costs around €120 a year if its left on for 12 hour per day while LED will dramatically reduce costs by over 85 % and reduces your electricity costs to around   €48 a year. That’s a lot better.

One of the many many benefits of LED energy saving is its dramatically reduction in electricity bills and associated maintenance.

Switch to energy efficient(we really mean efficiency by 50% or more) LED and earn  respect from your  customers that will visit your  store  more frequently  become regular  customers because they value your merchandise in  better lighting  condition.

Its such a pleasure to receive your electricity bills and  note its fallen  by 65%-85% again after  you fitted the LED lights. Your LED lighting  investment  is  now working in your favour and  literally puting  money back into your  pocket. Not  only will you be  happiers  your staff  will receive the  benefit of  better  brighter lighting with LEDs making their  work load  so  much easier to get around  than working  in the twilight zone where your customer demands product delivery on  time and within budget.


  • It’s worth considering just how many extra sales you need to make to make the same amount of profit.
  • It’s often forgotten just how much money is being   saved   switching over to LED because the money saved is often used for other capital purchases.
  • Once you make the savings they go straight to the bottom line and stay there month on month year on year.

So, if you want to find out more about how to reduce your energy bills, encourage more customers, win new contracts and reduce your exposure to future energy price hikes

Contact LED LUX LIGHTING   at   087 684 0253 today or  by email.

Read more about our   Light is a Service   it may be more   cost effective for your business…. no need to spend capex or cash reserves  Our team of engineers are standing by to answere your  calls.

Reducing your electricity bills, all it takes is committment and reduc e your energy cost by 50 to 85 %

could your business be more competitive

lower bill

                    lower tariff  lowers  financial risk

Could your  Business be more Competitive?

Over half of the buildings SMEs operate in are 10 to 50 years old which has implications for the quality of the building and its energy efficient lighting

Many SMEs are unable to distinguish between different sources of energy costs-With Help from LEDLUX Lighting we help lower  electricity tariff and reduce financial risk

Are you paying  more than you should?

Do you understand your electricity bills, are you paying more than you should?

Most SMEs have switched electricity energy provider in the past 3 years-be the change to lower your electricity tarrif and  LED LUXLighting offers the facility

Almost   1 in 4 don’t know how they compare to their competitors on energy consumption-Look no further help is at hand with LEDLUX Lighting

Receive Improved Unit  Per Cent Electricity Rate

LEDLUX Lighting with its partners, scour the market and renegotiate utility contracts using our experience and collective buying power to maximise your savings

60% of all SMEs would consider energy efficient LED lighting upgrade if they could access finance

We offer to carry out Lighting Audit FOC no obligation, show you savings available between traditional and LED lighting ROI and payback within 1 to 3 years

Grant incentive allowance paid direct to your business, making your business more competitive

The only thing you lose is high energy bills

60% of all SMEs surveyed would consider investing in energy efficient LED Lighting in their business if finance was made available.

Finance is now available  and repayments could  be off-set by savings made  switching to Energy Efficient LED Lighting. Savings made is money earned.

Financing LED Upgrade

light as a managed service

Light as a Managed Service

Euro note

Lighting as a Service

  • Light as a  Managed Serviced is  now one of the quickest ways to harness energy savings
  • Up to 85 % energy saving on switching to LED lighting.
  • Lower energy consumption in your  business
  • Lighting is an important access for every business. It’s like how we rely on photocopier rental, Netflix, sky TV Internet and other subscription platforms.
  • When potential customer have been asked about reasons not to switch to energy saving lighting their main reason is: Capital required to carry out LED lighting upgrade is unavailable to our business-Now all that has changed with one stop shop approach

One Stop Shop Approach

The one stop shop approach to designing, delivering, management and financing the project provides our customers with less headaches now that they don’t need to use their own  capital to fund  LED lighting upgrade  and  get to  keep CapEx and  other cash reserves.

Financial Approach  To Energy Efficient Return in Real – Time

  1. There is no capital outlay and reduced energy costs and where possible service change is structured to lower previous service bill, leave immediate savings in the back pocket of the customer
  2. Similar and more cost effective than an ESCo, more agile and flexible than a bank
  3. Has no impact on cash reserves or CapEx- allow company to use cash reserves/ CapEx for core business use- use cash reserves for other business upgrades/ machinery/transport- that may be frozen in other business investments.
  4. Using  light as a managed service LaaMS will allow your business to claim hundred percent against taxable  income
  5. An efficient financial solution for end user  professional customers
  6. Maximum term 72 months
  7. Light as a managed Service- old lighting equipment disposed of safely and environmentally friendly

    Grouped block of information

    Light as a  Managed Service

  8. On-going lighting expertise available-New arrangement can be made to capture other sites energy savings.
  9. We provide tailor made solution to meet your lighting and energy saving goals
  10. Book a meeting with one of our Lighting experts today
  11. We visit your business premise- listen to your requirement’s- goals
  12. We conduct  a full lighting audit review and consider any changes since original lighting or alternations were undertaken, while you tell us about your lighting demands emergency lighting issues, maintenance   etc-
  13. We schedule a return visit to discuss our lighting audit, ROI, payback periods
  14. Financial arrangement to meet  your requirements- No initial capital outlay.
  15. Please contact us now on 087 684 0253 or

LED the  Mature Light Source

Energy lighting cost in business accounts for a significant amount of operational budget for building owners more than they may realise. It applied across the whole spectrum of building from healthcare, industrial, retail and manufacturing industries.

Lighting is probably one of the quickest ways to take out a huge chunk of costs from a   day to day operating costs without compromising  or disruption  your operations. LED as we know produces improved light output compared with fluorescent’s at hugely reduces running costs on a watt by watt basis

Quick example of LED efficiency takes   5ft 58w fluorescent including ballast its consuming 67watts in total including the ballast compared with 25w 5ft LED tube an   energy saving of 63% for every hour its running in your   business

We carry out lighting design based on existing  footprint of each area or space to minimises the number of fittings   replace existing lighting with more energy efficient LED fittings and where appropriate an adjustment to LUX levels are applied to ensure areas are not over or under lit. Resulting in further percentage savings in annual electricity costs annually.

With increased proven Lumen per watt output or light output compared with traditional lighting not only reduces LED fittings but also lowering energy costs still further.

We provide LED lighting direct to professional customers enabling them to reduce   energy consumption and cost and reduce environmental impact.

Contact us now on 087 684 0253 or email to discuss how we can help with your  latest lighting project.

Light as a Managed Service is the ideal solution to  better energy management  with less waste, money saved is  money earned.

led- forecourt-canopy- lighting- brightens- brand

LED Forecourt Canopy Lighting Brightens your Brand

An LED 80w forecourt canopy light is an easy replacement for your tired 250w metal halide or fluorescents which may be flickering or blown. LED forecourt canopy lighting brightens your brand while reducing your utility bills by up to eighty five percent (85%).

It’s a lovely surprise every time the bills arrives that you no longer need to dish out more money because LED lights are working in your favour. Even your staff will be happier under LED lighting.

Don’t get caught paying more than 85%  each month on your electricity forecourt canopy bills when LED is the answer. It’s a lot cheaper per watt than burning metal halide or fluorescents and will last over   five (5) times longer than traditional light bulbs.

Contact us  about  Goverment Incentive Initative for Business 

The Flush Canopy LED fitting is now the one to be seen under with its clean crisp white light giving your tired metal halide a complete change and put’s more money back in your till and increases your bottom line

Take a few moment’s and think ….   having sufficient lighting is important in your business, with a few small changes significant costs reductions can be achieved that will save your business money encourage more customers to stop and fill up, take a break/ rest and pick up that bar of chocolate or choose to shop for groceries.

LED Forecourt Canopy lighting will attract more motorists to stop, check out   your facilities and probably become a value customer all because you had become more attractive with a simple approach of providing added value to your business through LED light.

You know high energy bills are burning a hole in your margins reduce the energy consumption by up to 85% by fitting LEDs   and speed less money on your utility bills

There is a myth out there that we need to turn on its head, turning lights off and then back on uses more electricity than leaving them all on the time, it’s simple not true. Switch off when lighting is not required even for a short time.

LED Forecourt Canopy  Lighting

A   single 250w forecourt canopy metal halide downlight and don’t forget your flood lights also can be very expensive to run and costs around €120 a year if its left on for 12 hour per day while LED will dramatically reduce costs by over 85 % and reduces your electricity costs to around   €48 a year. That’s a lot better.

Your LED Forecourt Canopy lighting can be controlled more easily than using traditional metal halide or fluorescents and with LED long life of over 50,000 without a bulb change or maintenance is certainly technology to take notice of.

One  of the  many  many benefits of  LED  energy saving is  the dramatically reduction in  electricity bills and  associated  maintenance , once you make the savings they go straight to the bottom line and stay there  month on  month year  on  year.

Its worth considering just  how  many extra sales you need to make, to make the same amount of  profit.

Its often forgotten just  how much money is   saved  by switching  to LED lighting, once  you get  used to lower  energy bills. The additional revenue saved is simply used for  other investments in your business

So,  to learn more  about how to reduce your energy bills, encourage more customers, win new contracts and reduce your exposure to future energy price hikes

Contact LED LUX Lighting   or  call us  on  087 684 0253 today

Read more about our   Lighting is a Service   it may be more   cost effective for your business…. no need to spend capex.  Our team of engineers are standing by to take your call.

lighting way to prosperity [ireland’s electrification]

Lighting way to prosperity [Ireland’s electrification]

The ESB has been around for less than 100 years or so.

1929 saw the first hydropower Shannon scheme come into operation. Opened by WT Cosgrove in July and generating electricity in October of the same year. The state-owned Electricity Board(ESB) came into existence in 1927.

The very first electricity pole was erected on 5th November 1946 at Kilsallaghan north Co Dublin

The first LIGHT of the scheme was switched on in Oldtown CO. Dublin in January 1947.

It was going to be some years before all of Ireland would have access to Electricity.

Prosperity arrives in Ireland

USA, UK   other European countries now had electricity, Lighting up their homes and factories

The job of providing electricity to every home, street, factory was enormous. A plan was devised and the state was divided into 792 areas along parish boundaries.

Remember, there is still no phone, no way of communication except by word of mouth. So, the obvious way of spreading the word was from  local pulpit community church every Sunday. Priests and vicars talked about the ESB project from their pulpit the communities were being united with letters from the USA and UK about electricity.

Irish communities were too about to gain this wonderful invention called electric light.

Think for a moment, people in Ireland were still in the dark ages while the rest of the world were being lit up with   electric light bulb, this new-fangled invention   was coming to a rural townland, village, town city near you   that would change the very essenes of how Ireland was going to change in the 20 century. Ireland had arrived.


The approach in every townland was the same, The ESB through the local priest and vicar  from their pulpit asked home owners/ farmers/ business owners if they wanted to sign up for electricity, then held local parish meetings. The first phase of electrification ran from 1946 to 1965

The ESB much like to day with rural Internet connection deemed where it was uneconomic to run electricity lines  to  just one or two   houses. The   parishes with the highest take-up were the first to be connected

It was the talk of the community- they had little else to talk about except the weather, turf cutting, helping their neighbour save the hay, oats’ Ireland in the 50’s was losing its men to England and the USA because of economic hard times with little money to put bread on the table.

Switching on the light when you returned home at night was by lighting candles or oil lamps (locally know as Tilley lamp).  Oil was available but only the odd family owned a tractor or car. Popular mode of transport was the Raleigh Bicycle, Pony & Trap and people walked from place to place   the train was available for longer trips.

Some facts about electrification in Ireland

  • One million Poles erected
  • 50,000miles of electrical wire strung or equivalent to 80,467 km

·        £36 million cost of rural electrification or about € 1.5bn in 2017

  • 80% of rural homes connected by 1965
  • Home cooking started to change from open fires to electricity cooker
  • Ireland Joined EEC in 1973 and became better off
  • In 1900 only thirty percent (30%) of people lived in towns and cities
  • TV became popular in the 60’s. Cinemas declined in popularity
  • The Ericsson’s Bakelite Black phone started to become popular in the late 60’s

Ireland is now the hub of communication to every corner of the world

Quick look at how LEDs are different

  • LEDs (light emitting diodes) advantages are many. So, lets us name some of these advantages
  • Lower energy consumption or Lowers your electric bills by half
  • Long life of bulb by almost three times longer
  • Smaller in size but better light out
  • Switches on instantly like Incandesces
  • Fluorescents metal halide and halogens take time to warn up before providing light output.
  • Have you notice Traffic lights are LEDs, Train signals are LEDs, Camera Flashes are LEDs, Airport lighting is LEDs, Hotel Lightings is LEDs, Agricultural sheds, milking parlours are LEDs even Pig and poultry sheds are LEDs

LED lighting is all around us. It’s time you switched to LEDs and start benefitting from the changes too

Learn more how LEDs can increase your bottom line and enhance your world with LED LUX Lighting

lighting the workplace [led lighting]

Lighting the workplace [LED Lighting]

Cost of poor lighting in business

  • Represents reduced staff efficiency and productivity
  • Increase number of sick days
  • Soiled or damages goods
  • Lower’s self esteem
  • Cause symptoms like eyestrain, headaches irritability, poor concentration   that can lead to accidents in the workplace
  • Replacement lighting may cause or create new hazards that were previously not identified- Ask LED Lux Lighting-Professional LED Lighting company for advice

Good practice lighting [workplace]

  • Ensuring light levels are  suitable and sufficient for the tasks being undertaken in your work environment
  • Don’t rely on existing conventional lighting being of the correct  lighting design for task, that probably has changed since the original lighting was fitted years ago.
  • Professsional lighting design takes account  of work environment- dont get  caught with less  it could cost  lower productivity  and more sick days
  • Switching to LEDlighting improves visibility
  • Decreases errors by 50%
  • Better LED lighting  results in   more cheerful environment and  improves productivity
  • Eliminate shadows and glare
  • Well designed  LED lighting can mean fewer mistakes especially in  logistics/ pick & mix and near computers
  • Reduces levels of absenteeism
  • Reduced risk of workplace accidents
  • Decrease headaches, eye strain, neck pain
  • Health aspect-new health and safety requirements
  • Individual requirements-Task, Local, General, Cleanroom, Cold room, Specialist lighting, Security
  • Lighting control
  • Emergency lighting
  • Size of the area to be lit
  • Purpose for which it will be used


Who’s responsibility for lighting

Employers have a duty not to endanger staff or other health and safety statutory requirements while at work

Business owners must provide lighting that is safe and does not pose a health risk  to staff and others who may use the premises such as delivery drivers, customers, visitors, maintenance operators

Monitoring lighting

Ensuring broken or blown bulbs, fluorescent that maybe fading , flickering and are outside its shelf life is quickly replaced with  correct lamp-If  conventional lighting is causing  high maintence levels/  bulbs blowing then  its probably time to  consider switching to  LED lighting

Replacing old conventional lighting with LED is a good option  considering LEDs eliminate on-going maintenance and draining  resources There is  no longer need of purchasing of lamp spares and routine of lamp changing

Under management of Health and Safety at Work legislation must ensure adequate safe lighting is provided always with elimination of possible risk staff


Professional Lighting Design

Lighting replacements should be undertaken by experienced Professional with know how in LED lighting replacement’s 

Benefits of switching to [ LEDs]

One of the many benefits of switching over to LED lighting besides the elimination of maintenance and relamping cost and the health risk of using conventional lighting, once you  switch over to LEDs  and  start collecting  the savings.

The savings  go straight to your bottom line and stay there every month every year  for ever more.

Think for a moment how many extra sales, you would you need, to make the same amount of profit  at no additional costs to your business

Correct level of lighting will help to maintain better environmental working conditions, retain staff, maintain productivity and will increase productivity-so think carefully about benefits of switching to LED lighting for your business


Think LED LUX Lighting for better lighting

Think LED LUX Lighting

conventional artificial lighting [hazards]

Conventional Artificial Lighting [Hazards]

Flicker: can cause discomfort and fatigue and may even cause epileptic seizures in some people. Its therefore important to avoid-so check are staff taking  more sick days or complain of poor lighting?

Glare-occurs when one area is brighter than the average brightness. Stroboscopic effect,maybe cause from alternating electrical supply and  machinery will appear to be  stationery or moving in a different manner

Fluorescent Tubes: produce ultra violet (UV) radiation which can cause irreversible damage to retinas and  may cause cataracts.

Are your employees /staff safe working under fluorescent tubes day in day out  are there more sick days/ time off?

When fluorescents were initially introduced in the earlier part of the 20 centuries   as “new lighting” it was hailed as an invention that  finally put light above  our heads

During the 50 and 60s when more research was carried out on conventional lighting the medical profession were concerned about the ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the hazard it may cause to eyesight  working under fluorescent for long periods of time

It was not until the mid-seventies(70s) that it was found that retinal injury was possible when length exposure was experienced

Today most scientist studying optical radiation hazard believe UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) is a factor in some forms of cataract

CFLs could be a harmful source of UV radiation to select individuals that may be sensitive to sunburn.

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Halogen lamps used mostly in retail- operate at high temperature and emit significant amounts of ultraviolet(UV) radiation and spoil shoe and clothing displays. Are  harmful to the skin and cornea of the eye when are used close to customer and staff for extended periods-LED lighting removes this risk and enhances product displays

Metal Halide lighting   is another source of risk in the workplace producing high levels of  radiation usually at levels that is far beyond halogens and like halogen should be fitted with a protector shield.LED  lighting should now be considered as the only source of eliminating risk to staff and customer’s alike

Did you know. metal halides may excess the level of illumination of a bright summers day and can be the reason or indeed  is capable of damaging eyesight before people can avert their eyes. Metal halides and halogens also emit high levels of  Ultra Violet (UV) radiation.

Fluorescent Metal Halide must be disposed of in a safe manner returning goods to retailer for safe disposal-fee charged for its  safe disposal

Conventional lighting contains mercury and lead content

CFL (compact fluorescent lights) contain mercury and their continued use is questionable- Especially in Healthcare, Nursing homes, Care homes

One of the many benefits of switching over to LED lighting besides the elimination of maintenance and relamping cost and the health risk of using conventional lighting is that, once you make the savings they go straight to your bottom line and stay there every month every year. Think for a moment how many extra sales, you would you need, to make the same amount of profit and at no additional costs to your business. Customers  react in different  ways  ”why has no one told me about it before now I could have been saving thousands of euro every year…. “

LED lighting is low on maintenance costs, high on quality of light out without flicker, without noisy operation, with lifetime over three (3) times the length of conventional lighting such as metal halide, fluorescent compact fluorescents. LED lighting is here to stay. Switch to LED LUX LIGHTING

It’s the only way of helping  save our planet, switch off conventional lighting, switch on LED lighting and enter the 21st century.

Looking from space through the eye of satellites our cities are darker compared to conventional lights that  light up our skies and cause danger not only to our environment but to  flight path of aeroplanes that  cris cross our skies.

Think before you erect your next security flood or  sport lighting installation. Think LED LUX Lighting