could your business be more competitive

lower bill

                    lower tariff  lowers  financial risk

Could your  Business be more Competitive?

Over half of the buildings SMEs operate in are 10 to 50 years old which has implications for the quality of the building and its energy efficient lighting

Many SMEs are unable to distinguish between different sources of energy costs-With Help from LEDLUX Lighting we help lower  electricity tariff and reduce financial risk

Are you paying  more than you should?

Do you understand your electricity bills, are you paying more than you should?

Most SMEs have switched electricity energy provider in the past 3 years-be the change to lower your electricity tarrif and  LED LUXLighting offers the facility

Almost   1 in 4 don’t know how they compare to their competitors on energy consumption-Look no further help is at hand with LEDLUX Lighting

Receive Improved Unit  Per Cent Electricity Rate

LEDLUX Lighting with its partners, scour the market and renegotiate utility contracts using our experience and collective buying power to maximise your savings

60% of all SMEs would consider energy efficient LED lighting upgrade if they could access finance

We offer to carry out Lighting Audit FOC no obligation, show you savings available between traditional and LED lighting ROI and payback within 1 to 3 years

Grant incentive allowance paid direct to your business, making your business more competitive

The only thing you lose is high energy bills

60% of all SMEs surveyed would consider investing in energy efficient LED Lighting in their business if finance was made available.

Finance is now available  and repayments could  be off-set by savings made  switching to Energy Efficient LED Lighting. Savings made is money earned.

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