forecourt canopy lighting

Forecourt  Canopy Lighting

Using LED fourcourt  lighting  is certainly a sensinable thing to  do in these days  where we are  crawing  out  of asterity.

With little  money around its  better to reduce running  costs than losing out to competitive  and energy efficient  lighting will  get the  bills down  by  over half  every month.

The Flush Canopy LED fitting is now the one to be seen under with its clean crisp white light giving your tired metal halide a complete change and put’s more money back in your till  increasing your bottom line

LED LUX Lighting can  now offer its  client    two ways to dramatically reduce  electrricity  bills :

  • Switch to LED Lighting  and dramatically reduce  electricity bills  by pver half
  • LED LUXLighting in partnership will  manage and reduce electricity unit  kWh costs  by 15% to 22%

Take a few moment’s and think ….   having sufficient lighting is important in your business, with a few small changes significant costs reductions can be achieved that will save your business money encourage more customers to stop and fill up, take a break/ rest and pick up that bar of chocolate or choose to shop for groceries.

Canopy LED Lighting

rget your flood lights also can be very expensive to run and costs around €120 a year if its left on for 12 hour per day while LED will dramatically reduce costs by over 85 % and reduces your electricity costs to around   €48 a year. That’s a lot better.

One of the many many benefits of LED energy saving is its dramatically reduction in electricity bills and associated maintenance.

Switch to energy efficient(we really mean efficiency by 50% or more) LED and earn  respect from your  customers that will visit your  store  more frequently  become regular  customers because they value your merchandise in  better lighting  condition.

Its such a pleasure to receive your electricity bills and  note its fallen  by 65%-85% again after  you fitted the LED lights. Your LED lighting  investment  is  now working in your favour and  literally puting  money back into your  pocket. Not  only will you be  happiers  your staff  will receive the  benefit of  better  brighter lighting with LEDs making their  work load  so  much easier to get around  than working  in the twilight zone where your customer demands product delivery on  time and within budget.


  • It’s worth considering just how many extra sales you need to make to make the same amount of profit.
  • It’s often forgotten just how much money is being   saved   switching over to LED because the money saved is often used for other capital purchases.
  • Once you make the savings they go straight to the bottom line and stay there month on month year on year.

So, if you want to find out more about how to reduce your energy bills, encourage more customers, win new contracts and reduce your exposure to future energy price hikes

Contact LED LUX LIGHTING   at   087 684 0253 today or  by email.

Read more about our   Light is a Service   it may be more   cost effective for your business…. no need to spend capex or cash reserves  Our team of engineers are standing by to answere your  calls.

Reducing your electricity bills, all it takes is committment and reduc e your energy cost by 50 to 85 %

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