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LED Forecourt Canopy Lighting Brightens your Brand

An LED 80w forecourt canopy light is an easy replacement for your tired 250w metal halide or fluorescents which may be flickering or blown. LED forecourt canopy lighting brightens your brand while reducing your utility bills by up to eighty five percent (85%).

It’s a lovely surprise every time the bills arrives that you no longer need to dish out more money because LED lights are working in your favour. Even your staff will be happier under LED lighting.

Don’t get caught paying more than 85%  each month on your electricity forecourt canopy bills when LED is the answer. It’s a lot cheaper per watt than burning metal halide or fluorescents and will last over   five (5) times longer than traditional light bulbs.

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The Flush Canopy LED fitting is now the one to be seen under with its clean crisp white light giving your tired metal halide a complete change and put’s more money back in your till and increases your bottom line

Take a few moment’s and think ….   having sufficient lighting is important in your business, with a few small changes significant costs reductions can be achieved that will save your business money encourage more customers to stop and fill up, take a break/ rest and pick up that bar of chocolate or choose to shop for groceries.

LED Forecourt Canopy lighting will attract more motorists to stop, check out   your facilities and probably become a value customer all because you had become more attractive with a simple approach of providing added value to your business through LED light.

You know high energy bills are burning a hole in your margins reduce the energy consumption by up to 85% by fitting LEDs   and speed less money on your utility bills

There is a myth out there that we need to turn on its head, turning lights off and then back on uses more electricity than leaving them all on the time, it’s simple not true. Switch off when lighting is not required even for a short time.

LED Forecourt Canopy  Lighting

A   single 250w forecourt canopy metal halide downlight and don’t forget your flood lights also can be very expensive to run and costs around €120 a year if its left on for 12 hour per day while LED will dramatically reduce costs by over 85 % and reduces your electricity costs to around   €48 a year. That’s a lot better.

Your LED Forecourt Canopy lighting can be controlled more easily than using traditional metal halide or fluorescents and with LED long life of over 50,000 without a bulb change or maintenance is certainly technology to take notice of.

One  of the  many  many benefits of  LED  energy saving is  the dramatically reduction in  electricity bills and  associated  maintenance , once you make the savings they go straight to the bottom line and stay there  month on  month year  on  year.

Its worth considering just  how  many extra sales you need to make, to make the same amount of  profit.

Its often forgotten just  how much money is   saved  by switching  to LED lighting, once  you get  used to lower  energy bills. The additional revenue saved is simply used for  other investments in your business

So,  to learn more  about how to reduce your energy bills, encourage more customers, win new contracts and reduce your exposure to future energy price hikes

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Read more about our   Lighting is a Service   it may be more   cost effective for your business…. no need to spend capex.  Our team of engineers are standing by to take your call.

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