reasons to switch to LED

lighting audit process low hanging fruit

Lighting Audit Process Low Hanging Fruit

Main advantages of LEDs lie in its ability to deliver reliable low energy consumption over a  consistant 50,000 hrs plus period, without need to  change a light bulb or ballast  with an added benefits of no maintenance, no flicker, starts instantly, no waiting to warm up, no ultra voilet, its lighting for the 21st century

We look at things  differently

Not all lighting audits or  surveys are the same. At LED LuxLighting we look at things  differently.We do not recommend like for like  or rely on  existing number of  old lighting  fittings  but  carry out our own Dialux lighting  desgin provding  you with  the correct  number of    and  spacing of  lights fittings that are  required  to provide sufficent Light output in your  business. There are  no  additional light fittings provided that  may have been the coase with  conventional lighting, That’s a thing of the past  It means you get  sufficient  light  output, reduces your  day to day electricity consumption and   the electricity bills come down too.Now that’s a win win.

Maintenance costs can be calculated based either on your own records or on an estimated  lamp purchases for each accounting year.

You will hear anecdotal evidence that lighting costs are generallly smaller than you think, maybe its  been  put out there by  utility companies. But your electricity billls   should be monitored  more  closely, much like  any invoice that  comes across your table, look at the  find  details and check what  they mean, rather than  letting electricity bills be  just another bill that is paid by direct debit and it  seems no one  knows or cares what the  elecricity bill costs every month its simple another bills that must be paid.

But I hear you say   “how do I  monitor my electricity consumption I have no way of doing this” Read more..  LED LUX Lighting blog titled “Monitoring Electricity” will review how monitoring electricity consumption  on a  fifteen minute  cycle for each 24 hour period  providing benefit of reducing  impact of over usage of electricity consumption- its a great tool  where your business is in manufacturing or engineering or where you simple need to  measure your electricity bills and manage  outcomes more closely

Holistic Approach

For many it makes sense to buy new fittings. For others a more holistic approach is required, one which looks at everything relating to existing from aesthetic, upgradability, infrastructural needs, appropriate light performance, installation demands to how new lighting can improve performance of your business. LED LUX Lighting Audit takes the holistic approach and delivers clear practical information to help you make an informed decision

LEDLux Lighting  are here to  help  start  saving you  money on your electricity bills every month.Do you check where electricity savings could be made by monitoring or maybe  you simple don’t have  time in your  busy schedule.

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With  no obligation site  (FOC)  audit  and  with a little of your time  led lux lighting  will show  you how to dramatically reduce  electricity consumption.


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