lighting the workplace [led lighting]

Lighting the workplace [LED Lighting]

Cost of poor lighting in business

  • Represents reduced staff efficiency and productivity
  • Increase number of sick days
  • Soiled or damages goods
  • Lower’s self esteem
  • Cause symptoms like eyestrain, headaches irritability, poor concentration   that can lead to accidents in the workplace
  • Replacement lighting may cause or create new hazards that were previously not identified- Ask LED Lux Lighting-Professional LED Lighting company for advice

Good practice lighting [workplace]

  • Ensuring light levels are  suitable and sufficient for the tasks being undertaken in your work environment
  • Don’t rely on existing conventional lighting being of the correct  lighting design for task, that probably has changed since the original lighting was fitted years ago.
  • Professsional lighting design takes account  of work environment- dont get  caught with less  it could cost  lower productivity  and more sick days
  • Switching to LEDlighting improves visibility
  • Decreases errors by 50%
  • Better LED lighting  results in   more cheerful environment and  improves productivity
  • Eliminate shadows and glare
  • Well designed  LED lighting can mean fewer mistakes especially in  logistics/ pick & mix and near computers
  • Reduces levels of absenteeism
  • Reduced risk of workplace accidents
  • Decrease headaches, eye strain, neck pain
  • Health aspect-new health and safety requirements
  • Individual requirements-Task, Local, General, Cleanroom, Cold room, Specialist lighting, Security
  • Lighting control
  • Emergency lighting
  • Size of the area to be lit
  • Purpose for which it will be used


Who’s responsibility for lighting

Employers have a duty not to endanger staff or other health and safety statutory requirements while at work

Business owners must provide lighting that is safe and does not pose a health risk  to staff and others who may use the premises such as delivery drivers, customers, visitors, maintenance operators

Monitoring lighting

Ensuring broken or blown bulbs, fluorescent that maybe fading , flickering and are outside its shelf life is quickly replaced with  correct lamp-If  conventional lighting is causing  high maintence levels/  bulbs blowing then  its probably time to  consider switching to  LED lighting

Replacing old conventional lighting with LED is a good option  considering LEDs eliminate on-going maintenance and draining  resources There is  no longer need of purchasing of lamp spares and routine of lamp changing

Under management of Health and Safety at Work legislation must ensure adequate safe lighting is provided always with elimination of possible risk staff


Professional Lighting Design

Lighting replacements should be undertaken by experienced Professional with know how in LED lighting replacement’s 

Benefits of switching to [ LEDs]

One of the many benefits of switching over to LED lighting besides the elimination of maintenance and relamping cost and the health risk of using conventional lighting, once you  switch over to LEDs  and  start collecting  the savings.

The savings  go straight to your bottom line and stay there every month every year  for ever more.

Think for a moment how many extra sales, you would you need, to make the same amount of profit  at no additional costs to your business

Correct level of lighting will help to maintain better environmental working conditions, retain staff, maintain productivity and will increase productivity-so think carefully about benefits of switching to LED lighting for your business


Think LED LUX Lighting for better lighting

Think LED LUX Lighting

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