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smart lighting scheme smes

Smart Lighting Scheme SMEs

Time  is running out for  applying to   SEAI 40% Funding for switching to energy efficient LED Lighting that  will have a  dramatic impact on your  utility bills.

As the   LED Lighting   installation Project Dead line of 13th October 2016  draws nearer and nearer, dont get  left out  in the  cold this  Winter with  higher than  usual electricity bills  Apply  Now for SEAI 40% Funding and 20% energy credit allowance today with LED LUX LIGHTING  and  have a  better Christmas than  all the  others in  2017/2018

The Smart Lighting Scheme by SEAI  is  now available to  help SMEs -with less than  250 employees, switch over  to energy-efficient LED lighting  making your business more  competitive  and  SEAI now cover  up to 40% of the costs , saving  you  up to 90% on your electricity lighting  bills every month. Remember lighting bills after  you upgrade to LED lighting will dramatically reduce by up to 90% especially where  lighting  controls have been  fitted.But even without  lighting  controls you can be assured   lighting electricity bills  will reduce by 50%  per year.

  • Switching to LED will  lower your electricity bill by over half  on every  utility bill received.Are you paying.

    Bowl of Fruit

    bowl of fruit under different Lighting Quality

  • Are  you  paying  over the odds for  lighting  bills ? if yes let  us know and we will be  delighted to  help reduce bills to  more comfortable level.
  • every month  by as  much as 90%  so it’s certainly time to stop paying
  • Upgrading to LED lighting has a dramatic affect on your electricity lighting  bills, so grasp the  additional monies  left  in your  account and  put it to  work taking  back control from you  energy provider
  • The move to LED lighting will save your  business up to 90% in annual lighting  costs and SEAI will cover  forty percent (40%) of the  capital costs. Contact us today to learn  more about how to apply  and  gain insight into other LED lighting grants now available to your  business making your business more profitable.
  • Every Euro saved goes straight to your  bottom line and stays there year  on  year.
  • Contact us Today on 087 684 0253 or  to arrange your FOC lighting audit forming  part of SEAI  requirements in support of  Smart Lighting Scheme

Small Medium enterprises (SMEs)

The  Smart  lighting Scheme is  now  open to SMEs,  existing customers and the following sectors are welcome to  contact us on for  more information and how to  secure your Smart Lighting Scheme  40% Funding from SEAI for your LED lighting  upgrade :

  • FItness Centres
  • Retailers- General and Food Retailers
  • Small Hotel/Large B&B

    Kildare Village LED Lighting

    Efficient Lighting increases Profit Margin

  • Pharmacies
  • Nursing Homes
  • Carehomes
  • Jewellers

Our products are SEAI Triple E and eligible for Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)

The Smart Lighting Scheme is available  for upgrading   all  of your  existing fluorescents, metal halide, SON,  halogens bulbs light  fittings both  front and back of  house including  outdoor flood  lighting.

We  help   cut your  business’s energy consumption and related  costs  contact the   our team today on  087 684 0253 or click here 

Question asked about  Smart Lighting Scheme:

I have more than one facility, can I apply for all of them?
We group applications  under the SEAI  Aggregators’   and we are in a  better position to apply and deliver for a number of SMEs in the target sectors

What elements of my project are supported? Below is a list of technologies and services SEAI will fund within this scheme:

  •  New efficient lighting  triple-e and eligible for ACA
  • Lighting controls which include:  PIR (Passive Infra-Red sensors (for heat detection)) or Microwave sensors (movement detection)
  • Daylighting sensing (brightness detection)  Automatic dimming and trimming controls
  •  Smart meter (if applicable)
  •  Project Management Costs
  •  Equipment hire to assist with installation (if applicable)

Can I only upgrade part of my building?

No, you must have a whole building or facility solution, which would see lighting upgrades undertaken in all service areas within your building or facility.

LEDs dramatically reduce your  lighting energy bills today  by  upgrading to energy-efficient LED lights.

What do I need to have to apply?

1. Contact LEDLux Lighting  your  professional Lighting Provider and we  will outline the  necessary requirements

2. You need to complete the application form:

 Contact LEDLux Lighting  your  professional Lighting Provider

Making energy pay

Upgrading to LED Lighting Take  Gave Away Cash Funding.

3. In addition, a lighting Audit by LEDLuxLighting needs to be completed. This indicates the existing (pre upgrade) lighting and proposed new lighting with lighting levels and savings.

  •  If you are just replacing like for like, more efficient lamps (bulbs) then you can
  • Contact LEDLUX  lighting specialist /professional    and we provide  energy-efficient   cost-effective solution  meeting  your exact lighting  requirements.
  • If you are thinking about a complete design, then  LED LUX Lighting research lighting specialists/professionals  can help you with a total redesign.

4. You need to include a schedule of fittings with the Triple E product registration number for replacement fittings/lamps  LEDLUX Lighting  can help

5. Include your Tax Reference Number (TRN) and Tax Clearance Reference (TCR)

6. If not registered for VAT, then a letter from the local revenue office confirming you are not registered,  will allow  a VAT  claim  under the VAT terms to be  made on  the  installation vat payment.

Contact LED LUX LIGHTING   today on  087 684 0253 or click here  for  more about the  40% Smart Lighting Scheme and start reducing your  energy consumption and  dramatically paying  less on each utility bill now and into the future.

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